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The much anticipated Legion Pre-Patch is finally arriving after the weekly reset on Tuesday July 19th.  What should we expect to see in this patch as a leadup to the release of World of Warcraft: Legion on 8/30?

New Transmogrification system
Transmog System

Good news everyone, they’ve made the transmog system user friendly!  The old systems requirement to hold on to old gear, the tedious interface, and the overall administration required just to change your looks was too much of a hassle for many of us to bother with.

Bad news, everyone, we’ll have a huge influx of clueless transmoggers who will look horrible.  Starting tomorrow, look at Matadork in the Arthas realm and have a laugh at me.

Class Updates


The Legion class changes will come to the live servers.  Major changes to all classes are coming. If you have not yet checked what changes are coming to your class, you can catch up here.

Switching Specs is a lot easier now.  There is no cost associated with it and every character has access to all specializations.  No more picking and choosing which specs to use and which to leave out, you can switch specs as you wish.

Also, when entering a battleground, you will be automatically switched to the role you queued as.  No more cheaters joining as a healer or tank for the shorter queue and never switching to that role.

Coming weeks

At some point between the July 19th Pre-Patch release and August 17th, we will slowly be getting the following features:

Burning Legion Invasions


Areas of Azeroth will be invaded by the burning Legion, and heroes of the Alliance and the Horde can will combat this threat.



Demon Hunters

Demon Hunter

Players who have pre-purchased the expansion will receive early access to the Demon Hunter class.  Demon Hunters will start at level 98 and players can complete the Demon Hunter intro.

Battle on the Broken Shore will begin


As we get closer to the release of the Expansion, we will have our first expeditions into the Broken Shore.





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