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When should I use my free level 100 character boost?

Blizzard has included a free level 100 character boost with every purchase of Legion, which means, every new player who has Legion has a choice to make: What character to boost and when?  Here are a few things to consider when making this choice: First and foremost, make sure you’ve found your realm.  Character realm…

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Should I play Alliance or Horde?

Let’s start by clarifying that there are no clearly marked character advantages choosing one over the other.  The real choice is based on personal preference regarding the environment you’ll be playing in.  Yes, there are racial abilities and other small aspects, but they are so minor nowadays that choosing a faction based on them is largely irrelevant.  The bigger question is, do you prefer to play with toons and storylines that are generally more elegant, sophisticated,  and “prettier” or do you prefer a raw, savage, furious, brutal experience?

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Why do I keep getting rejected for Mythic +, Raid groups, etc?

For many of us who either are in small guilds, have conflicting schedules, or otherwise seem to not be able to participate in end game content with our guilds, the Premade Groups tool is a great option to find other players wanting to complete this new and exciting content.  The tool presents us with an opportunity that would otherwise be impossible for those of us in these situations, but it also brings its own set of drawbacks.

One major drawback is that we know nothing about these other players.  Are they nice people?  What is their motivation and purpose to be in this group? Are they toxic to the group?  Are they unable to adequately contribute to the group and help achieve the common goal?

If you were in charge of the group, who do you want in your group?  The answer should be these two fairly simple concepts: Players who are nice and enjoyable to play with, and players who can fulfill their role and make the run a smooth successful one.  While the answer is simple, the choice players towards this goal, isn’t always clear.  Whether you are in charge of a group or trying to get in one, here are key indicators of which players will make your run smooth and successful:

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Dear Blizzard, stop delaying Broken Isles flying

Dear Blizzard,

Thank you for letting us explore the Broken Isles up close and personal for over 8 months before releasing the content that would allow us to get flying on the Broken Isles.  Thank you for adding a teaser achievement at release, making us think this time it could happen sooner than later. Thank you for finally releasing the new content to just have it be time gated and delay flying even more.  Thank you for making it harder to level, gear up and enjoy our alts. Thank you for making us wander around the “wonderfully” designed Highmountain and Stormheim every time we want to level or play another alt, and also thank you to whoever designed those two zones to flow so smoothly…

Now can you please stop gating the achievement by just allowing a handful of quests per day for the rep grind?  You want us to wait 8+ months to get the content released?  Fine.  Want us to grind rep after it is finally released?  Ok.  But do you seriously have to piecemeal it like this?  Are you lacking in content and trying to stretch out players game time (hint: paid subscriptions) by gating content like this?


One of the many who just wants to get this over with.

I hit 110!!! Now What?

So many of us not so hardcore are finally getting to the coveted 110.  That eye opening moment when we realize there is SO MUCH TO DO!  Where do we start?  What Now?  Breath easy, we’ve broken it down into simple tasks.

Class Hall

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Artifact previews from Blizzard

Hello everyone.  With Legion coming out tonight, please go over the artifact previews released here.

Also, if yo are leveling in an Offspec, take a look at this article .  It’s titled for healers, but it works well for anyone leveling in as an offspec.




Video of getting from Level 85 to level 88 in ONE 15 minute invasion.

We posted about the XP boost Blizzard implemented last night and I noticed there are loads of questions in facebook groups about it so I made this quick video going form 85-88 in one invasion.  Here are the tips on how:

  1. Full heirlooms for the approximately 50% xp bonus (is it 45% or 55%?).
  2. I recruited myself with recruit a friend (RAF) and spent $10 to upgrade the account.  I dual box the invasions for 300% XP (plus the heirlooms)
  3. Tag and help kill as many mobs as possible.  Mini-bosses being the most important.  Named elites, in general give about 7% of a level per kill (20% with RAF)
    1. During stage 1, AOE everything down.
    2. During stage 2, tag and kill both lieutenants and the commander afterwards.
    3. During Stage 3, keep up with the group of people and kill as many named elite as possible.
    4. During Stage 4, Take part in killing the final boss.

That’s all there is to it.  Blizzard changed it to reward participation over just :being there, and the new rewards are pretty strong.  Now go make some alts and get to easy leveling.

Sidenote:  Sorry about the quality of the video and crappy narration (not to mention my accent, lol), I am not a youtuber, but I had to show how to get this done for people having a hard time.  This is too good an opportunity to let people miss out because they were not understanding how to do it.





Huge XP Boost to Invasions on 8/20

For those of us leveling alts, Blizz hotfixed xp form killing mobs in invasions and the numbers are huge.  Some Semi-bosses give now as much XP as the stage itself.



“Hi all,

Just to further confirm – this hotfix is being pushed now and should be live within the next hour.

Please note that if you are participating in an invasion when this goes live on your realm, you may see your invasion “reset”. This is intended with this fix going live.

Thanks again for all of your feedback, and please let us know if you encounter any issues!”

What the Legion Invasions can do for you

With wow Legion right around the corner and the pre-patch Legion Invasions events already underway lots of players are wondering what the invasions are and how to make the most out of them. Continue reading

Just confirmed Patch 7.1 will be Return to Karazhan

Blizzard has confirmed today that patch 7.1 will be Return to Karazhan during at Gamescom.  Few details we’ve gathered from wowhead and other sources over the last few hours:

You rang?

  • Karazhan is central to the story of the Legion and it’s an important place. It’s going to be a 5 player large, epic dungeon – almost a 5 player raid, with 9 bosses. Feedback that players missed dungeons like Blackrock Depths.
  • Nine of the elven bosses form the old Karazhan raid will be in this dungeon.
  • The original Karazhan raid is not going anywhere.
  • There will also be a small additional raid between The Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold that wraps up the Stormheim story.
  • In addition to Karazhan, there is a small raid between Nightmare and Nighthold, that wraps up the Stormheim storyline.
  • Patch 7.1 content also includes new Suramar quests and world content.
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