Can World Of Warcraft be saved form the claws of Death?  Could the Legion Expansion and the Warcraft movie be the true saviors of Azeroth?  I sure hope so, and if you’re here, I bet you do too.

Less than a week after watching the Warcraft movie, which I absolutely loved regardless of what critics might say, I just received an invite to the beta for the World of Warcraft Legion Expansion.  After quitting wow about a year ago, I had zero intention on ever playing anything Warcraft or Blizzard related again.  However, after getting the wow Legion beta invite, added to the movie’s emotional rekindling, I have to admit that I am excited, but conflicted, about this invite.  On one hand, I had stopped playing World of Warcraft nearly a year ago, mainly because it was not fun anymore and felt more like work than play.  On the other hand, this is a game that I spent close to a decade not only playing, but loving and obsessing over, and through which I met many dear friends, most of whom I stay in touch and formed lifetime friendships, so World of Warcraft holds a special place in my heart.

So, if I loved this game and have many friends that play, why did I stop playing it?  Well, like many other players, sometime during the Warlords of Draenor expansion, the game stopped being fun.  Leveling new characters (have one of every class at 100 but rogue, which I truly dislike playing) was just an unrewarding grind.  The playstyle of mashing the same buttons over and over while tabbing to new targets, or clicking like a madman on my unit frames (as a healer) got old, and well, it was simply not fun any longer.  Raiding, which prior to Warlords of Draenor was the crowning achievement of players, and was always a fun and exciting exploration of new and great places, filled with challenges and rewards, had now become a boring chore and a time commitment that many nights I dreaded showing up to.  Playing was boring and raiding had become an unpaid job.

On the other hand, I once loved everything about this game.  The challenge, the storylines, the players (most… there were always a few of “those guys”, lol), the rich lore.  So much to enjoy and love, and love I did, for a long time.  Granted there were always lulls, like the 18 month long Siege of Orgrimmar, but they were bearable.   As a matter of fact, it was during this lull that I had the time to read several of the Warcraft books.  You see, up until this time, I was never a huge Warcraft Lore nerd.  I knew what I had seen in wow, and that was that, but now I went and read several Warcraft books, and fell in love with the lore.  I could hardly wait for Warlords of Draenor and with the notable exception of the Day 1 debacle, I loved everything about WoD at release.  Highmaul was not that great, but I did like it.  Blackrock Foundry was really good, I even got Ahead of the Curve on Heroic and killing Blackhand felt great!  I played Blackrock Foundry a lot!  As a matter of fact, I might have grinded it a bit too much where I had basically full heroic BRF gear for two specs on my holy paladin and most of them BiS.  And then, I lost all interest.

From loving the WoD expansion more than any since Wrath of the Lich King, which seems to be everyone’s favorite expansion, just like that, I lost interest.  Raiding with my guild was not fun anymore (we had a bit of attendance and numbers issues).  Pugging was a luck of the draw affair where you could run into a pathetic failfest, or a very successful run, but run by a heartless, soul draining drill sergeant that would kick anyone for any reason, but downed bosses.  Neither failing repeatedly nor dealing with egomaniac raid leads was an enjoyable experience.  Leveling was a boring grind.  The playstyle got old, the content got stale, and except for a small group of old friends, the people who were left playing were not fun to play with.

After casually playing less and less over a few months, one day, I pulled the plug on an old dying friend, expecting to let it go for good and never meet again, except in old memories shared with other common friends.  When World of Warcraft Legion was announced, I had no interest.  Soon after, all my friends were posting on Facebook about the plans for the expansion, but it did nothing for me.  Then the Warcraft movie came out and a spark was ignited.  Seeing all the characters and places that I have loved for so long come to life, the beautiful spell effects, the character’s personalities; it was amazing. Yet, it was still not enough.  Then the email about the Legion beta invite came out and I got a bit excited.  It was at this time that I messaged a very close friend whom I met in wow and played with for over 10 years, and that did it.  I’m back on the hook.

As I write this, I am downloading the beta, and hoping it is amazing.  I am back in the game with renewed excitement.  At this point, Blizzard managed to resurrect my interest in the game, and I feel they will do so for many old players and many new ones that got their interest from the Warcraft movie.

I believe the alchemy between the movie and Legion will be the savior of WoW.  Do you guys think it will save this great game, or do you think the time for WoW has past and it’s time to move on?

I invite you to join me in this adventure as we explore World of Warcraft Legion.  Together, we will be experiencing the leveling of characters to the new 110 level cap, playing the new Demon Hunter class, the feeling of being back in the game after a long hiatus, and the overall feel of the game and renewed excitement from the Warcraft community.  Until the next installment, Adios Amigo!




Playing video game since childhood. Started World of Warcraft in 2006, right before The Burning Crusade launched and was immediately hooked. Initially played a demo Warlock until the first raids in Cataclysm, when I switched to my Holy Paladin.

Currently playing the Legion Beta, favorite class is the Demon Hunter, yet still feel strong ties to the Holy Paladin.

Other games: "The Division- PS4"