For many of us who either are in small guilds, have conflicting schedules, or otherwise seem to not be able to participate in end game content with our guilds, the Premade Groups tool is a great option to find other players wanting to complete this new and exciting content.  The tool presents us with an opportunity that would otherwise be impossible for those of us in these situations, but it also brings its own set of drawbacks.

One major drawback is that we know nothing about these other players.  Are they nice people?  What is their motivation and purpose to be in this group? Are they toxic to the group?  Are they unable to adequately contribute to the group and help achieve the common goal?

If you were in charge of the group, who do you want in your group?  The answer should be these two fairly simple concepts: Players who are nice and enjoyable to play with, and players who can fulfill their role and make the run a smooth successful one.  While the answer is simple, the choice players towards this goal, isn’t always clear.  Whether you are in charge of a group or trying to get in one, here are key indicators of which players will make your run smooth and successful:

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