Dear Blizzard,

Thank you for letting us explore the Broken Isles up close and personal for over 8 months before releasing the content that would allow us to get flying on the Broken Isles.  Thank you for adding a teaser achievement at release, making us think this time it could happen sooner than later. Thank you for finally releasing the new content to just have it be time gated and delay flying even more.  Thank you for making it harder to level, gear up and enjoy our alts. Thank you for making us wander around the “wonderfully” designed Highmountain and Stormheim every time we want to level or play another alt, and also thank you to whoever designed those two zones to flow so smoothly…

Now can you please stop gating the achievement by just allowing a handful of quests per day for the rep grind?  You want us to wait 8+ months to get the content released?  Fine.  Want us to grind rep after it is finally released?  Ok.  But do you seriously have to piecemeal it like this?  Are you lacking in content and trying to stretch out players game time (hint: paid subscriptions) by gating content like this?


One of the many who just wants to get this over with.



Playing video game since childhood. Started World of Warcraft in 2006, right before The Burning Crusade launched and was immediately hooked. Initially played a demo Warlock until the first raids in Cataclysm, when I switched to my Holy Paladin.

Currently playing the Legion Beta, favorite class is the Demon Hunter, yet still feel strong ties to the Holy Paladin.

Other games: "The Division- PS4"