You get Offspec weapons at level 102.

This one is simple enough, make sure you get yours early on to start working on it.

Different spec artifact weapons might have different relic types.

If you want to play as different specs as you level, turn in quests with Relics as rewards as different specs so you have somewhat updated relics on all your artifacts. You could also opt to craft or buy relics once you hit max level, but as you level up, I find it convenient to get relics form quests for the different specs I am playing.

Relic Quest

When you use Artifact Power items, it goes to your currently equipped weapon.

Use wisely.  However, Blizzard has said it will be easy to catch up with offspec weapons using Artifact Knowledge.

Artifact Power



Artifact Research Artifact Research in your Class Order Hall applies to all artifacts.

Be aware that the artifact knowledge gains from Artifact Research in your class hall applies to all artifacts, not only the currently equipped.  Since Artifact knowledge greatly increases the amount of Artifact Power to a max of 24,000 % at level 25 knowledge.  You get 1 knowledge per Artifact Research Note, and each research note will take 5 days, which adds up to at least 75 days to get that 24,000%.  However, once you are at this level, opening your traits on secondary specs will be much easier.
(Note that these values are based on Beta research and could change once Legion launches.)



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