With Legion right around the corner and few fun things left to do in wow, what should you do to kill the bores?  Well, getting ready for Legion, of course, but how?  Here are four simple tips that will make your life easier comes 8/30.

  • Max out all your professions.

     Without Garrisons to give free ore and herbs, Legion will present lots of competition for mining and herbalism nodes and resources.  With the increased demand, would you rather get partial ores and herbs or a full ones?  It sounds obvious to max out these professions, but with Garrisons freebies many of us never bothered leveling up those skills on alts.  I hadn’t finished herbalism to 700 until last week and I am sure it has escaped many others.  Get on it now while there’s not much else to do.


  • Finish leveling your alts.

    • Many changes came with 7.0.3 and many more with the launch of Legion.  Are you sure that the ret pally is the class you want to main?  What if you change your mind?  What about other professions to help your main?  Don’t you have an alt or two that can make your life easier in Legion and could be leveled to 100 in the pre expac lull?  I know I have at least one to go, and so do many of you.  Great opportunity, don’t be lazy now and regret it later.


  • Make some gold

    • Gold won’t get you to max level or get you raid ready, but having more gold will not hurt any of them and might be of help.  You might be able to buy some nicer crafted gear or mats to make your own.  Farm old raids, do the invasions, farm and sell the mats new weapon look mods!
  • Gear up your toons

    • With the invasions dropping chests and currency that gets you ilvl 700 gear, there is no reason to head into Legion undergeared!  Sure, you’ll replace them soon enough with quest greens, but why head into the first few areas undergeared when gear is dropping from the sky (almost literally with the demon ships raining down demons). Take the time to do it now and help yourself a little bit when the Legion leveling starts for alts.  besides, what else do you have to do right now?

Hope these tips helps you find something useful to do during the pre expansion slows.  Get ready and sharp for August 30th and happy Legion leveling.  Until next time, Adios muchachos!



Playing video game since childhood. Started World of Warcraft in 2006, right before The Burning Crusade launched and was immediately hooked. Initially played a demo Warlock until the first raids in Cataclysm, when I switched to my Holy Paladin.

Currently playing the Legion Beta, favorite class is the Demon Hunter, yet still feel strong ties to the Holy Paladin.

Other games: "The Division- PS4"