So many of us not so hardcore are finally getting to the coveted 110.  That eye opening moment when we realize there is SO MUCH TO DO!  Where do we start?  What Now?  Breath easy, we’ve broken it down into simple tasks.

Class Hall

Artifact ResearchArtifact Research

Get started on the research as soon as you hit 110.  It’s works like the old Garrison work orders, each one costs 500 Order Resources and takes 5 days to complete.  In addition to giving you some cool, interesting lore about your artifact, each completed research increases the amount of Artifact points you get from the AP Items such as Glittering Memento and Accolade of Victory.  The increased AP applies to all artifacts, so it will be much easier to catch up later with OffSpecs.   The research increases the AP bonus exponentially, so getting it started asap is top priority.  Just to give you an idea, level 10 gives you 850%, and at level 25 it becomes 24,900%  the base AP you are getting now for each of the AP items.  That means that at level 10 an Accolade of Victory would give you 3400 and at level 25 you get 9960 instead of the base 400.

Class Campaign

Paladin Campaign Mission

Each class will have a series of quests that involve anything from killing dungeon bosses to completing Class Hall Missions.  It will be a long quest line, and ti will take weeks to complete due to the length of some missions.  Completing the quest line will grant you a class specific ilvl 830 chest.

Order Resources

Get as many as you can any way you can, Kill Rares, complete world quests, etc.  You will need them for missions, some of which are needed to complete your Class Campaign, Artifact Research, and upgrade your Class armor.  Upgrading one piece of armor from ilvl 830 to 840 costs 4000 Order Resources.  Pieces that start at 810 can be upgraded to 820 for 500 resources, and 820 to 830 for 2000.  As you can see, this will add up quickly, so get as many resources as you can, specially early on.

Dungeons and Heroic Dungeons

Image result for legion dungeons

Halls of Valor

What?  You didn’t really think you were getting off the hook on spamming some dungeons, did you?  Spam normals to ilvl 810, then spam heroics.  Also, pay attention to the World Quests for dungeons, and try to complete those.  You will get a nice reward. Either an AP item, Order Resources, gear, etc.

World Quests


There are tons of World quests. Top unlock them, you must complete Uniting the Isles, which you get form Khadgar at level 110 in Dalaran.   Each world quest grants either Order Hall Resources, Gold, Artifact Power items or gear.  You can look at a map of a zone for the available world quests and their rewards.  Some world quests are fairly easy, some are hard, in general those with a blue circle, are harder, and those with an “elite” dragon statue are hardest and require a 5 man group, some require completing a dungeon.   Gear reward ilvl from world quest will increase as your gear increases so they will remain relevant for your character as your ilvl improves.



There are several slots of your Class Armor form the Order hall that require a certain amount of reputation to obtain.  Two of them as specific to Nightfallen reputation, honored to get the gloves and Exalted to get the shoulders.  In addition, to get your Leggings, you need revered with three  Broken Isles reputation.  Also, assuming Blizzard continues the WoD path, you’ll need the Pathfinder Meta Achievement to unlock Broken Isles flying, when it is released.  Pathfinder requires the Broken Isles Diplomat Achievement; being revered with all major factions in Broken Isles.





Playing video game since childhood. Started World of Warcraft in 2006, right before The Burning Crusade launched and was immediately hooked. Initially played a demo Warlock until the first raids in Cataclysm, when I switched to my Holy Paladin.

Currently playing the Legion Beta, favorite class is the Demon Hunter, yet still feel strong ties to the Holy Paladin.

Other games: "The Division- PS4"