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Just confirmed Patch 7.1 will be Return to Karazhan

Blizzard has confirmed today that patch 7.1 will be Return to Karazhan during at Gamescom.  Few details we’ve gathered from wowhead and other sources over the last few hours:

You rang?

  • Karazhan is central to the story of the Legion and it’s an important place. It’s going to be a 5 player large, epic dungeon – almost a 5 player raid, with 9 bosses. Feedback that players missed dungeons like Blackrock Depths.
  • Nine of the elven bosses form the old Karazhan raid will be in this dungeon.
  • The original Karazhan raid is not going anywhere.
  • There will also be a small additional raid between The Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold that wraps up the Stormheim story.
  • In addition to Karazhan, there is a small raid between Nightmare and Nighthold, that wraps up the Stormheim storyline.
  • Patch 7.1 content also includes new Suramar quests and world content.

7.1 Return to Karazhan – YES PLEASE!