We posted about the XP boost Blizzard implemented last night and I noticed there are loads of questions in facebook groups about it so I made this quick video going form 85-88 in one invasion.  Here are the tips on how:

  1. Full heirlooms for the approximately 50% xp bonus (is it 45% or 55%?).
  2. I recruited myself with recruit a friend (RAF) and spent $10 to upgrade the account.  I dual box the invasions for 300% XP (plus the heirlooms)
  3. Tag and help kill as many mobs as possible.  Mini-bosses being the most important.  Named elites, in general give about 7% of a level per kill (20% with RAF)
    1. During stage 1, AOE everything down.
    2. During stage 2, tag and kill both lieutenants and the commander afterwards.
    3. During Stage 3, keep up with the group of people and kill as many named elite as possible.
    4. During Stage 4, Take part in killing the final boss.

That’s all there is to it.  Blizzard changed it to reward participation over just :being there, and the new rewards are pretty strong.  Now go make some alts and get to easy leveling.

Sidenote:  Sorry about the quality of the video and crappy narration (not to mention my accent, lol), I am not a youtuber, but I had to show how to get this done for people having a hard time.  This is too good an opportunity to let people miss out because they were not understanding how to do it.







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