With wow Legion right around the corner and the pre-patch Legion Invasions events already underway lots of players are wondering what the invasions are and how to make the most out of them. First of all,  you can do two invasions every two hours per character.  Two invasions spawn on the world map at a time every four hours.  They are the same two locations for everyone, regardless of realm, and they are cross server zones.  When you mouse over the zone on your map, it will tell you how long the invasion has left.  They act like open world scenarios and you will almost every time start at stage one.  You friends might be there before you and if not grouped, they will be phased  and may be at a different stage altogether.  It’s both Alliance and Horde and there is lots of ganking happening, but it matters not, you get credit for the events and kills even if you are dead.

Here are a few things that invasions are making very easy to achieve, but before we get into that, here’s a quick video guide I made with my son:

Fun and easy things to do with Legion Invasions:

 Get your alts to item level 700.

Each invasion will give you two Legion chests, one small legion chest and a large legion chest.  Each contains some Nethershards (5 foir small, 10 for large) and one or more ilvl 700 item or a Coalesced Fel .  That means you are likely to get two upgrades per invasion on your lowbie (except if you get the same item you already have).  Necks, Trinkets, Rings an cloaks do NOT drop form these chests, but you can buy them form Nethershards.  To get additional Nethershards, in Stage 3, follow the mass of players flying around to the skulls in the map and killing them.  Each of the mini bosses will drop between 4 and 10 Nethershards and you can kill about 5 or 6.  I typically get over 50 total Nethershards per invasion if I do this.

Get toys and items available for a limited time only.

Nethershards can be used to buy a Felbat Pup pet and appearance items.  Do note that the appearance items are the same look as the actual armor that drops form Legion Chests, so if you collect all the legion cvhest armor in several alts, there is absolutely no need to buy the appearance items as you already know the complete appearance.

Level alts!

This is by far my favorite thing to do with the invasions.  You must be level 10 to participate.  On lowbies you van get several levels in one invasion.  As of changes made on August 16th, the amount of experience for simply completing the events has been drastically lowered, but the amount of xp per kill has been greatly increased.  This means that you can’t show up and level up, but if you actively participate, you will level up quickly.  Few tips:

  • Soloing mobs gives much higher XP.
  • Some mobs give higher XP than others, but in general the xp commensurates with the time it takes to kill them.
  • Go to the Green Crystals, particularly on stage 3, and kill as many mobs as possible.


Start on that new server or faction you always wanted to try.

    • Even at level 10, the items you get from the Legion chests will be at your level, but if you vendor them you get almost FULL level 100 price.  So you want to start in a new server but have no gold?  No problem, do the invasions and vendor the items.  That’s right, I have multiple level 30’s in servers I had NEVER played that have about 300 gold already.  Yup, I’m on a new server and I won’t be having problems buying those riding and flying skills or getting bags form the Auction House.


Here’s a video I made with my son to show how to use Invasions and Refer a Friend to get major levels and easy gold:






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